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    We know how daunting your thoughts of having your first Salsa classes can be. At Dancation International Absolute Beginners' Classes you are in gentle and capable hands Read More
  • Salseros and Salseras

    Salseros and Salseras

    Everyone is welcome; Novices and Dance pros alike.We understand your various needs. That's why we run two concurrent dance floors with the ability to give you the choice of two different experiences on any given Dancation International Salsa Night. Read More
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    Are you one of those hoping to discover a fun way to exercise, burning those extra calories away? Our Social Dance Nights are indeed a great way to get that done and when you want just relax and mingle. that is possible too. Read More
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    Corporate Events
    Weddings, etc.

    Product Launches, Corporate Team Building Events and Weddings These are just a few examples of interactions we've had with an ever-growing list of satisfied clients. Our understanding of what it takes to get the crowd going and engaged is second to none! Read More
  • 15+ Years and Counting!

    15+ Years and Counting!

    Dancation international honours all its patrons, past and present who have kept the club's influence growing over these 15+ years. We Couldn't have done it without you. Read More
  • Private Salsa Classes at Home!

    Private Salsa Classes at Home!

    Sometimes you just don't want to learn Salsa in public and would prefer taking it privately in the comfort of your own home and we are happy to oblige. Just call +233244717762 to book Read More
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15 Years of Organising Salsa Related Events and Classes in Accra Ghana+

15 Years of Organising Salsa Related Events and Classes

*ALL NEW* Dancation International Saturday Salsa Nights at Paloma Hotel, Ring Road!

**ALL NEW** Dancation International Saturday Salsa Nights and Classes at Paloma Hotel, Accra Ghana

With more than a decade of experience in putting togetherLumo and Theodora Bortei-Doku strike a Salsa pose
1. Regular Social Dance Nights
2. One-Off Salsa Fiestas and Competitions
3. Corporate, Executive and Extra-curricular Salsa Classes as well as
4. Private 1-on-1 sessions
Dancation International currently defines itself as Ghana's leading Social Dance Training and Events Management Outfit. We were the organisers of Ghana’s First ever national salsa competition back in February 2003 which saw the emergence of some of Ghana’s most talented Latin dancers who in turn have gone on to become gurus in their own rights. Past trainees have actively spread the Latin Fever beyond the shores of Ghana through the establishing of clubs in countries as close by as Nigeria, Liberia and South Africa and as far away as the UK, the US and China.

Dancation International’s unmatched understanding of what it takes to create the perfect atmosphere to make an individual’s learning and dancing experience the most enjoyable of social interactions has won it some remarkably loyal patrons which should come as no surprise: We have taken years to perfect our art and science of instructing enthusiastic students  the Dancation way. They have found themselves in the hands of capable people who have gone through Dancation International’s time-tested Instructors’ workshops. Is there anyone looking for a team-building programme that delivers on its promises, helping to burn calories as you mingle with amazing people from different walks of life while enjoying our Salsacise and Salsa4Life scalable dance techniques? That is what Dancation International has done for the many that have come into contact with us.

In June 1999 Lumo Bortei-Doku, the founder and C.E.O. of Novel Ideas Limited, Dancation International's parent company, fell deeply in love with an incredible woman of African-American descent. She was a dance major with knowledge of a wide range of dances including the waltz, fox trot and hip-hop and requested they both add Salsa to their repertoire. The time they had to be together was short so Lumo was tasked to master Salsa to the point of making their next dance, whenever their paths would cross again, flawless. Later on that year, shortly after her departure, Lumo, himself an independent TV and Film Producer, decided to channel  some of his new found passion into producing a TV dance show; the name? DANCATION an acronym for DANce Club sensATION. The vision? That the flames of passion for this dance would fan out so far and wide as to make it the latest craze on every dance floor in Ghana and beyond. As initially there were not too many people who could carry it out at the high standards he wanted to set for the dance, he took it upon himself to train the first batch of performers for the show. They finally got to be showcased at what was arguably Ghana 1st ever Salsa Fiesta on Easter Sunday 31st March 2002 which incidentally happened to be his birthday as well.

Dancation assumed both its corporate and international identities in October 2007, shortly after a team of instructors it had trained returned from Nigeria after participating in a mammoth Salsa campaign. Unilever Nigeria organised a Nationwide Competition dubbed the Closeup Fresh Challenge.Novel Ideas Ltd (formerly Interface Consult Limited), Dancation’s parent company decided that Dancation had grown beyond the original definition of a TV dance show, had come into its own and should therefore be allowed to exist separately as the aforementioned  Social Dance Training and Events Management Outfit.

Dancation International is currently building critical mass and re-strategising to better position itself to become Ghana’s largest network of Social Dance Clubs, diversifying to include both contemporary and traditional dance forms (It's current repertoirein addition to Salsa, includes Mereengue, Bachata, Zouk and the up and coming dance craze, Kizomba) and is privileged to be part of whatever programme you would like to showcase/involving us in buying into our dream of infecting people with our passion for dance to last a lifetime where we will get to showcase not only our love for salsa that burns so deeply within us, but our more indigenous dance roots as well.

As the trend grows we are positioning ourselves to organising at an ever increasing frequency, Weekly Social Dance Nights and Monthly Competions culminating in an Annual live-on-air International Salsa Cngress right here in Accra, Ghana.

Dancation International Wednesday Salsa Nights

Dancation International Saturday Salsa Nights

Dancation International Calendar of Events

  • 27 Jun
    Dancation International Wednesday Salsa Nights Coming Soon!! 27 Jun 2024 01:00 AM to 06:00 AM

    Dancation International Wednesday Salsa Nights Coming Soon!!! EVENT: General Salsa Classes (All levels) General Salsa Classes TIME: 7:00pm - 8pm: Beginners' Classes 8:00pm - 9pm: Improvers'

  • 29 Jun
    Dancation International Friday Private Classes@ Hotel President, Adabraka 29 Jun 2024 01:00 AM to 06:00 AM

    Private Classes: Fridays at Hotel President from 6pm (by appointment) Intensive one-on-one classes Follow Us: [WEB:] [TWITTER: @DancationInt] [FACEBOOK: Dancation International

  • 30 Jun
    Dancation International Saturday Salsa Nights @ Paloma Hotel, Silver Cup 30 Jun 2024 01:00 AM to 06:00 AM

    EVENT: General Salsa Classes (All levels) General Salsa Classes TIME: 7:00pm - 8pm: Beginners' Classes 8:00pm - 9pm: Improvers' Classes 9:00pm - 12:00am General Social Dancing RATE: FREE!! DRESS